Southborough's Historic Volvo Dealership on Turnpike Road Re-Opens as Prime Volvo Westborough


After 33 years serving under the name "Farrell Volvo", and after being purchased in 2014, the little Volvo dealership on Turnpike Road Route 9 has seen its fair share of changes. But, this most recent one brings exciting news and big benefits to Mass Volvo drivers.

Volvo of Southborough re-opens under the name Prime Volvo Westborough, to represent our new partnership with Prime Motor Group, a New England legend. Our location will be staying exactly where we've always been, in the heart of the community that we love, and you'll continue to see the friendly faces that you trust at our Southborough Volvo dealership.

History of Farrell Volvo

Southborough natives know the Farrell name well.

Whether you got your car serviced at their small service shop decades ago, or you bought your first family crossover from a Farrell, you know that their Volvo dealership on Turnpike Road Rte 9--near the Boston Worcester Turnpike--has been an important part of the community for a long time.


Founded in the late 70s by Bob Farrell, helped by his sons Robert and Jim Farrell, this family-owned store started off as a small repair and sales shop, and, over time, grew to sell over 10,000 new and used cars. That's no small feat for our small town! Farrell Volvo spent decades as a valued community member, employer, and local contributor owned and operated by one family. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, quality of product, and quality of services was seen in every visit--and in their receiving of the Dealer of Excellence Award, which they won multiple times.

Farrell Volvo created stable, well-paying jobs, supported the community, gave time and money to local organizations, and contributed to the Southborough way of life for over 30 years. The well-known Volvo dealership changed hands briefly in 2014, and then re-opened April 23, 2015 as Volvo of Southborough. Josh Conley--who is a part of the Farrell family--led as the General Sales Manager at Volvo of Southborough, and will continue to work in his role as part of the new Prime Volvo Westborough.

The History of Prime Motor Group

Where does Prime Motors come in? We know a great team when we see one, and Prime Motor Group recognized a passionate, committed team at Volvo of Southborough. By combining our resources and knowledge, we know that this new team can surpass even the highest expectations.

Where did Prime Motor Group come from? It all starts with the incredible true story of Ira and David Rosenberg, the father-son team who introduced a new way to sell and trade cars. Ira Rosenberg, the patriarch of the family, fell in love with deal-making and the automotive industry young, and began selling cars in the late 50s. In 1975, Ira purchased his first car dealership in New England, a Toyota store, and that's when things really got rolling.

Ira and his son David worked together to first create the Ira Motor Group, a successful and trusted group of car dealers across multiple states. Due to illness in the family and the struggle to balance business and health, Ira and David accepted a deal with Group 1 Automotive, which was a publicly-held company looking to expand their offerings. David worked with his stores within the confines of Group 1--until 1996, when he knew it was time to make a change and he retired.

For maybe a few months.

You see, the Rosenberg men have automotive deep in their veins, and retirement just wasn't exciting enough for either Ira or David. Both had pursued dealership ventures after coming out of retirement. David had scoured for opportunities a little farther out, and, in 2007, bought nine dealerships underneath the Clair Auto Group name. As it turned out, three of those nine dealerships were on the same road as two Prime dealerships purchased earlier by the Rosenbergs.

Ira and David decided to consolidate their purchases, and collected their combined dozen dealerships under one name: Prime Motor Group. Since then, the group has grown: close to 30 dealerships, over 1,800 Prime employees, and thousands of sales every year. But one thing hasn't changed: this is a family-owned business that puts people first, and treats our employees like family.

How Farrell, Prime Motors, and Volvo Are Working Together for Customer Service Excellence

In Southborough, our sense of community is one of the most important things that connects us. It's a place where you know your neighbors, and where everyone knows everything that's going on. That commitment to community and family was embraced strongly by the Farrell family, and it's a legacy that the new Prime Volvo Westborough team is honored to pick up, and carry on.

Prime Motor Group owns nearly twenty dealerships and service centers in Massachusetts--including one other Volvo store and multiple other luxury car centers--so they're familiar with the area and with the people of New England.

Bob Farrell and his sons, Robert and Jim, left some big shoes to fill for Volvo sales and service in Southborough. Our Prime Volvo Westborough team is ready to meet the high standards left by the Farrell family. We will still be a priority choice for drivers in the greater Framingham, Westborough, and Southborough areas to find the best new Volvo inventory, a great selection of used cars and pre-owned Volvo, top-quality auto service and repairs, and genuine Volvo parts and accessories.

Welcome to the new Prime Volvo Westborough--we look forward to serving you.

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